HP – 1000SCE SJ-Inno-Tech Screen Printer (2013)



Total System Alignment

– Accuracy and Repeatability: 2.0 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm, 6-Sigma / ± 0.0125mm;

Total System Alignment

– Accuracy and Repeatability: 2.0 Cpk @ ± 25µm, 6-Sigma / ± 0.025mm;

Cycle Time (203x145mm PCB): Excluding Printing: 20sec *Real Time about 28sec;

Stencil Frame Size: STD: 920, 1000, 1100, 1200(L)mm x 800, 900(W)mm;

Mask Size: 1200 mm;

PCB Size: 200×150 ~ 940 mm x 610 mm (LxW);

Print Area: 200×150 ~ 940mm x 610mm;

PCB Thickness: 0.3mm ~ 6.5mm;

PCB Weight: 10Kg;

PCB Warpage: 0 ~ 4mm (inc. Thickness);

PCB Stopper: Camera moves by Program automatically and stop Board at correct position;

PCB Support: Magnetic Support Pin or Block – Auto adjustment of height according to PCB “t” –

Support  Pin Height: 73.9mm – Vacuum Type Support (Option);

PCB Clamping (Fixed): Top Link Clamping (0.8 ~ 6t) – Top Knife Edge Clamping (0.2 ~ 0.8t);

PCB Under Clearance: 30 mm;
Board side (Edge) Permissible range: Top link clamping: Limitlessness

– Top knife edge clamping: 3 mm;

Conveyor Width Adjustment: Programmable (Automatic) – In/Work/Out 3 Stage Conveyor;

PCB Direction: Left ⇒ Right, Right ⇒ Left, Front Fixed (STD);

Snap-off: Distance: 0-5.0mm (Inc 0.01mm) – Speed: 1-150mm/sec (Inc 0.01mm/sec);

Vision Camera: Interlaced scan CCD.  *F.O.V 11mm x 8mm;

Vision Board: EURESYS LIBRARY Application;

2D Inspection: Paste On Pad – Detection of Insufficient Solder (Standard);

Fiducials: Registered Figure Matching, Pattern Matching;

Fiducials Size: 0.4~5mm;

Cleaning system: IPA+Paper+Vacuum Control – Software Parameter (Programmable);

Dimension (mm):  1950 (L) x 1945 (W)  x 1457 (H);

Weight: 1,800 Kg;

Power: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 6.0Kw;

Pneumatic (AIR): 0.5MPa, 40NL/min;

OS Program: Industrial PC, Microsoft Windows / LCD Monitor 17”;

Host Communication: SEMEMA Interface (STD) – TCP/IP (Option).

Also: English Italiano (Italian) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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