Our Services : maintenance and technical support for used electronic equipment

Maintenance Services

K.A.V. Systems Engineering s.r.l.

The company provides its customers a maintenance service and after-sales maintenance managed by its corporate engineers.
The service is offered at competitive costs and aims to ensure coordinated with preventive maintenance programs, or that extraordinary maintenance for machines sold.
The purpose of an overall maintenance program has as objective to ensure the use and its asset value and to preserve performance in the lifecycle of the plant, also enhance the technical and regulatory compliance.
The user manuals and maintenance issued to customers also constitute the elements with which the user interacts with the machine avoiding anomalous behavior that could harm or compromise the durability and the characteristics of the system, through them maintainers use all those methodologies best suited to the management that they can combine economic efficiency and durability of the good.
To this end, our maintenance technicians define customer procedures for collecting and recording information as well as the actions necessary to organize efficiently the maintenance service.

Maintenance Services KAV

Technical support

K.A.V. Systems Engineering s.r.l.

Technical support kav

Among the services that the Kavsys makes available to customers we can say without doubt that the technical support is the most appreciated by our customers.

The reasons for this success are to be found between the benefits that we offer on this activity:

The first advantage is that we are the real experts of machinery that we sell. Suffice it to say that each machine sold has been analyzed by us at the time of purchase of the asset, and subsequently verified in its parts during the overhaul and then further controlled when it is sold to the customer in the phases to the testing and installation.

The second advantage is that our assistance can support both the client if it already exists, or contracts designed to become an external structure but virtually integrated in the customer’s production also does not exclude the possibility that the customer wants to include technical assistance carried out by the parent company.

Last but not least, our spare parts warehouse is always well stocked and the details can be purchased both new and used and reconditioned, with an obvious advantage on the purchase price.

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